How UI Bakery works

Here are 4 simple steps to build your first internal tool with minimal to no code.

  1. Connect to a data source. Use native connectors to databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB), business apps (Stripe, Hubspot, Airtable), or any HTTP API.

  2. Load your data and build logic. Load and send your data using Actions. Add navigations and conditions, map your data with custom code and third-party libraries.

  3. Drag-n-drop your UI. Assemble your app screens using built-in components: Tables, Forms, Details, Charts, and more. Connect Actions to any component.

  4. Publish your app and invite users. Publish your web app updates. Invite your team members and colleagues to test your app.

And here are 4 things you can stop bothering about:

  • Developing a UI and CSS styling.

  • Spending much trouble on npm modules, updating JavaScript libraries.

  • Building pipelines, deploying apps, configuring infrastructures.

  • Managing access control and data privacy.