IV. Adding new data

Add new data via a Form component

You already have a table with your data and several metrics, and it's time to bring the option to add the new data. Start with adding a new page for customer addition:

  • Click Add page.

  • Rename the page and assign a parent page if necessary.

  • Click Add.

You will be redirected to a new blank page. We will add a Form component to add new customer information. Here's what we're going to obtain:

  1. Drag a Form component onto a working area. You can notice how the form has inherited the structure of the table and contains the same fields already.

  2. Rename the form.

  3. Configure the fields that you need on the form and adjust their position if necessary. For the example, we have split the fields into 3 columns for a neater look.

As the next step, we will add an action that will create new records and send them back to the data source.

  1. Add new action - Create Row. Specify the data source and a table.

  2. Configure a new record field as {{ui.customerForm.value}}

3. To send the data to the data source, on the Triggers section, select the loadCustomers action On Success trigger.

4. Assign the new action to the On Submit trigger of the form.

Perfect! The only thing left is to add a button to the main application page that will navigate to the form:

  1. Go back to the main application page and add a Button component.

  2. Change the appearance and the text of the button as required.

  3. On the URL tab, select the page with the Add customer form.

Great job! You are now a few clicks away from completing your application. As the last step, you will deploy the application and share it with your colleagues.

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