Git source control

UI Bakery source control is a Git-based version control system that allows you to manage your app's changes and collaborate with other developers. UI Bakery operates on the Git-API level, which means you can use any Git provider, such as GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.

Main features:

  • Parallel development of a single application by multiple developers;

  • Multi-instance support - multiple instances of UI Bakery connected to the same Git repository;

  • Branch protection - you can protect branches from being changed directly in UI Bakery;

  • Consistent development process: maintain the development process that is familiar to your team, including testing, code reviews, and deployment.

Git source control is currently available in the UI Bakery on-premise version. Talk to our team to learn more about the UI Bakery on-premise version.

Single instance process walkthrough

  • Any app created in UI Bakery can be connected to a Git repository.

  • When you connect an app to a Git repository, a new branch is created in the repository. This branch is called main. Main branch is protected from being changed directly in UI Bakery.

  • To make changes to the app, a developer creates a new branch from the main branch.

  • When the developer is done with the changes, they can commit and push the changes to the Git repository.

  • The developer can then create a pull request to review and merge the changes to the main branch.

  • Once the PR is approved and merged, the changes need to be pulled to the UI Bakery instance, reviewed, and deployed using the standard UI Bakery workflow.

Multi-instance support

In a case a multi-instance setup is preferred, you can connect multiple UI Bakery instances to the same Git repository. This is useful when you want to have a staging and production instance of the same app.

Follow this guide to setup mult-instance deployment.

Sources overview

A typical UI Bakery application is broken down into files system structure upon pushing to the Git repository. The following app sources are stored in the Git repository:

  • App settings;

  • App pages and components;

  • App actions with folders structure.

The following is NOT stored and is a part of a UI Bakery instance:

  • Instance data sources;

  • Deployment history;

  • Environment variables;

  • Audit logs.

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