Role synchronization

Role synchronization allows automatic role assignment to users based on their identity provider

Enable role syncronization

By default, UI Bakery does not sync any roles provided by the Identity Provider. To enable role synchronization, set the following environment variables:


Out of the box, UI Bakery will attempt to match received roles by names. UI Bakery will try to retrieve the role name(s) from a claim (attribute) named role. If a match is found (e.g., the SSO returned a role=support claim, and UI Bakery has a support role in the workspace), the user's current roles will be replaced with the matched SSO role(s).

Advanced settings

You can fine-tune role synchronization with the variables below.


By default, it is set to false, and roles are synchronized only during sign-up. If set to true, roles are synchronized every time during login and sign-up. For OpenID providers, it is also possible to sync roles with every token refresh.


Set up a mapping between SSO provider roles/groups and UI Bakery roles when they aren't matched by name, e.g:



By default is set to true. You can set it to false to control role syncing exclusively using the mapping UI_BAKERY_SSO_ROLE_MAPPING variable.


By default, it's false. When set to true, UI Bakery overwrites all roles, removing existing ones and adding new ones received from the Identity Provider even if there are no roles provided.

Please note, that if no roles are matched, the user will be removed from the organization and will no longer be able to access it.


By default, UI Bakery syncs roles only for end-users, leaving admin and editor roles untouched. Set it to true to sync roles for all users.

Please note, that in a case of malformed configuration, admin accounts may lose access to the system


By default has role value. You can change this variable to configure which claim is used as the source for roles.

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