Custom PR URL

By default, UI Bakery automatically generates a Pull Request button URL link based on the git service used in your app. But in some cases, you may need to configure this functionality manually. This page outlines the steps to configure an environment variable for PR link generation using a specific template.

The PR link template allows you to create a customized URL for your pull requests. Here's an example of a custom PR link for on-premise Bitbucket installation:


Variables in the Template

  • {user}: This variable represents the username in the repository hosting service (e.g., Bitbucket) where the git project is hosted.

  • {project}: This refers to the repository or project name within the hosting service. Replace it with the name of your specific project.

  • {activeBranch}: This is the branch from which the pull request is created. It dynamically refers to the branch currently being worked on.

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