UI Bakery on-premise

Deploy UI Bakery locally to manage your data from your private network

We understand that you might have lots of data accessible from your private network, that’s why you can use UI Bakery's self-hosted version for your benefit.

On-premise version grants you:

  • Custom SAML/oAuth2 SSO;

  • Custom branding;

  • Custom domain hosting;

  • Data is stored securely under your own VPS.

UI Bakery on-premise version license key can be obtained here

If you have already installed the UI Bakery on-premise version, follow this guide to update your version.


Follow the installation guide to learn how you can deploy UI Bakery locally and on cloud infrastructure providers like Azure, Kubernetes, etc.

Health check API

The health check API can be accessed at the endpoint /api/actuator/health. This API endpoint can be used to verify the overall health of the software application, including its dependencies and resources.


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