Run scheduled jobs & webhooks
UI Bakery Automations enables you to build and run complex server-side workflows based on one or multiple data sources such as SQL databases, HTTP APIs, and many more. You can run these workflows through webhooks or on a scheduled basis, like cron jobs.

Use cases

You can create multi-step workflows based on your data sources for a variety of purposes. These may include simple ETL operations, alerting, data source synchronization, and many others.
By using data from different sources such as SQL databases, HTTP APIs, Google Spreadsheets, CRMs, and other integrations in a single workflow, you can apply conditional logic, loops, and asynchronous operations for more complex scenarios.

Triggering Automations

UI Bakery Automation allows you to run workflows
  • at specific times - like cron jobs
  • by triggering webhooks
Automations can be integrated with third-party systems using secured token-based webhooks, allowing you to extend their functionalities.