Field types & types recognition

Сomplex components, such as Table, Form, Detail, etc. support various column / field types.

These types share their settings among all the supported Components. Configuring dropdowns for a Table or a Form is exactly the same.

The following types are supported:

  • String

  • Long Text

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Boolean

  • Date & Time

  • Select

  • Multiselect

  • Image

  • File

Using these types, you can build a Component that will support most of the common use cases.

Autogeneration of types

Form, Table, Detail and some other Components support autogeneration of types based on the Component data. This can work according to one of the 2 following scenarios:

  • Creating an Action and adding a Component:

    1. Create an Action. Run it.

    2. Add a Table, Form, or a Detail component. The Action is assigned to it. All the fields and their types are generated automatically.

  • Using the Generate Structure button:

    1. Add data to a Component: connect an Action, state variable, or another Component property.

    2. Click the Generate Structure button. Voila – the structure is generated!

No need to configure similar Components over and over again.

When generating a structure based on another Component property, UI Bakery not only creates the same structure but also copies the properties of all the types.

Manual fields configuration

To add and configure fields and columns of various types manually:

  • Click the Plus button at the bottom of the types list.

  • When the Field panel pops up:

    1. Select a proper type from the dropdown list.

    2. If the data is connected to a Component, select a proper field from the list. If you can't find the needed field in the list, type its name. You will add a new field / column without mapping it to the connected dataset.

    3. Configure the remaining properties.

View / Edit mode

All the types support View and Edit modes. Modes are very helpful when you need to edit data inline in a Table or a Detail component without creating a separate Form for it.

For example, in this Detail component, the Edit mode is turned on for the Model field. This way, any end-user can quickly adjust the model directly from the component:

In a Form component, the fields can also be changed into an Always display as view mode. This way, the fields will also be displayed but your end-users won't be able to edit them.


Validation is supported for all types in UI Bakery. Validation settings vary depending on a particular type. They're available at the bottom of the Edit section:

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