Additional action settings

Configure additional settings for your action flow

You can set up additional settings for the action execution flow. These include toasts, confirmation dialogs, and execution delays.

Action error/ success messages

You can configure success or error toasts for your actions. By default, the toasts are on, but you can turn them off or modify the standard text.

You can also use the action result in the alert, e.g. to notify about a successful item addition:

New customer created {{}}

or show an error for a failed action:

Action failed with an error {{actions.yourAction.error}}

Confirm Dialog

To avoid some actions being executed by mistake, you can configure a confirmation dialog for your users.



You can set up an action execution delay if necessary to prevent the actions from running too often.

On page load (first reference)

When a variable referencing an action, like {{}}, is used for the first time (for example, on page load), the action is automatically triggered by default. This usually occurs when the action is used in a component's Data or other properties. However, if you don't want this behavior, you can deselect the setting and manually trigger the action through a user interaction like clicking a button or through code.

Preserve action value

Global actions can retain values, meaning that the value is saved and remains unchanged during page navigations, and the action is not executed again. This feature is particularly useful when you want to store global values that can be reused throughout the user's session. Nonetheless, you have the option to turn off this setting if you prefer the action to refresh its value when the page is next opened.

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