Debugging actions performance

You can find the details about the action's performance, e.g. its response time, on the Result section of the action by hovering over the question mark icon near the Request Time metric:

The tooltips are available for all data source-based actions.

You can find the below metrics there:

  • Request time: total time taken to make the request;

  • Response size: the size of the response received by the server;

  • Request sent: time to send the request to the UI Bakery server;

  • Data source roundtrip: time to send the request from UI Bakery server to your data source and receive the result back to the UI Bakery server;

  • Content download: time to download the response from the UI Bakery server to a user's browser.


Below are listed the UI Bakery performance limits. These limits are fixed for the cloud version, but can be set up in the on-premise version.

Response size


Request size



90 seconds

Request per second


Last updated