SMTP request

UI Bakery allows sending emails using an external email server by connecting to it using SMTP protocol. The step configuration works just like in an ordinary email client. However, read about the specifics of the SMTP step below.

To start sending SMTP requests, choose an SMTP request action type, select the required data source, and proceed to the request setup as follows.


Reply-To field could be used when you want your recipients to reply to a different email than you send your emails from. In most cases, this field should be left blank.


These fields accept a single email or a comma-separated list of emails. For instance:



are both valid options to define the recipient(s).

Text part and Body part

You can define one of them, or both at the same time to support plain text clients and HTML ones at the same time.


The attachment field accepts a File object or list of File objects that are retrieved from the Filepicker component. For instance:


The attachment field can also accept a JavaScript object (or a list of such objects) that contains the information about the file. For instance:

{   // define custom content type for the attachment
   filename: 'text.bin',
   content: 'hello world!',
   contentType: 'text/plain'


{   // encoded string as an attachment
   filename: 'text1.txt',
   content: 'aGVsbG8gd29ybGQh',
   encoding: 'base64'

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