Date picker

The Date picker component allows you to select a date from the calendar. The field supports multiple date formats, required field, and minimum or maximum dates.

The component also allows you to set the time zone for the date values.

Manage Date object time zones



setValue(value: date/ number/ string)

sets data for the date picker

setDisabled(disabled: boolean)

enables or disables the component


resets the component to the initial value


triggers component's validation


resets the validation


sets focus on the component


Triggers allow you to launch certain actions upon different events.

On Init

Calls for an action on component initialization, e.g., page refresh

On Change

Calls for an action on the component's state change

On Enter

Calls for an action on Enter click

On Focus

Calls for an action on component's focus

On Blur

Calls for an action on component's blur

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