Upgrading components

Learn how to upgrade to the newer component's versions.

As a routine part of our maintenance process, we improve the functionality of the component and introduce new versions that offer additional features.

Upgrades are generally automatic and seamless, requiring no manual intervention.

Nonetheless, there may be instances when updates require manual intervention. In such cases, the previous version of the component is labeled as deprecated, and you will notice an upgrade button located in the right sidebar.

While it is still possible to use it, it is recommended to upgrade to the newer version.

The team assures that upgrades are seamless and thoroughly tested, with no impact on end-users.

  • We upgrade only the development version, giving you the opportunity to review and resolve any issues before rolling out the update to your users.

  • A backup snapshot is created before the update, which can be accessed from the "Release history" menu, allowing you to roll back if necessary.


Layout V2 (Latest)

The updated layout version highlights hidden components appropriately instead of fully concealing them.

  • When a component is hidden, other components below take up the freed-up space.

  • A new setting called "Preserve space when hidden" prevents hidden components from occupying space, leaving an empty space in their place.

Breaking changes:

If you are using component visibility to switch which component is visible in the same place, or if you have components that occupy the same location in the layout, you must pay attention to their position after the upgrade as they may be broken.

If something does break after the update, there is no need to worry since end-users are not affected. However, you will need to manually reconfigure the layouts where something went wrong.

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