Data sources

Introduction to UI Bakery data sources

Start building your apps by connecting your data source. UI Bakery allows connecting your data from a database or with any API:

  • databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.);

  • external APIs (Google Sheets, Firebase, etc.);

  • internal APIs.

The data sources in UI Bakery are global, meaning that once set up, each data source can be used across different applications. You can manage data sources access permissions for different user roles.

Connect a data source

  1. To connect to your data source, click the Data sources button in the left bottom corner of the menu.

2. Click Connect to configure the necessary data source.

3. In the appeared window, select your data source. Specify the access details and click Test connection to check, whether the connection could be established. If the test is successful, click Connect data source to complete the setup.

If you choose not to connect your data source immediately, you can use test MySQL or test HTTP data sources instead.

The newly added data source will appear under the list of all available data sources. You can edit the settings or remove it from the list when necessary.

Modifying or deleting a data source impacts all applications that use it.

Managing access to data sources

By default, the admins and editors of your workspace have the whole permissions set to manage the data sources (can add new, edit, and remove the existing data sources). The workspace members with a user role have read-only permissions to all the data sources. You can control the access of the users and those users with a custom role.

To manage access to the data sources, follow these steps:

  1. On the Data sources page, click the Manage access settings button:

2. In the appeared window, go to the Roles section. Click the edit icon next to the desired role and navigate to the Data sources section. Here, you can edit the list of available data sources and manage user access for a custom role.

By default, the newly created data sources can be used by every role. Remove the Use tick from the necessary role to restrict the data source's usage.

Anonymous access

By default, access to data sources is restricted and controlled via roles and permissions. For public apps, you can enable anonymous access to your data source, but be cautious as it allows any user to query your data. Read this guide to learn how to manage anonymous access safely.

Whitelisting IP

To be able to connect to your data source in the cloud version, you need to whitelist our IP:

The process might be a little different for different databases, below you can find the links to a couple of them:

Data source outbound regions

By default, when UI Bakery proxies data from your database to your end user, the data passes through UI Bakery servers located in the central US. This may cause performance degradation when both the user and the final data source are located in another region, as the data must travel through US servers.

To enhance performance and reduce data load time, select a region close to both the data source and the user as the outbound region in your settings. This ensures data flows directly from the source to the user interface.

List of available data sources

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