AWS Athena

UI Bakery allows you to easily connect to a AWS Athena with no need for additional layers (APIs or 3rd-party services).


To establish a connection between UI Bakery and AWS Athena, you need to obtain the authentication credentials for the IAM user associated with your Athena service.


To configure AWS Athena as your data source, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Data sources - Connect - choose AWS Athena from the list.

  2. Specify your credentials:

  • S3 output location;

  • AWS region;

  • Access key ID;

  • Secret access key ID;

  • Role to assume.

  1. Click Test connection to ensure the connection can be established. In case of a successful test connection, click Connect Data source to complete the setup.


Once you have the connection between UI Bakery and AWS Athena, you can interact with its data. To manage the data from AWS Athena data source, use the SQL query action type.

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