JDBC stands for JAVA Database Connectivity and is a Java standard protocol for connecting to databases. UI Bakery allows you to connect to data sources that don't have native support on the platform, but have a JDBC driver.

The Cloud self-service plans of UI Bakery currently only support the following data sources: Exasol, Presto, and SAP Hana. Connecting to other data sources is available on the On-premise or Cloud Enterprise plans.

Configuring your Enterprise instance to support a custom JDBC driver

In order for a custom JDBC driver to work, they need to be available in the datasource container. The easiest way to do this is to copy the driver to a VM where your datasource container is running and mount it to the container using the docker-compose.yml file:

    container_name: datasource
    image: cruibakeryonprem.azurecr.io/cloud/datasource:latest
    restart: always
    env_file: .env
      - ~/jdbc-driver-location-host:~/jdbc-driver-location-container

After this is done, add the following environment variable to your .env file:


You can also add several drivers separating them using commas.

Restart your instance

Connecting to JDBC datasource from UI Bakery

Go to the data sources page, click Connect button, and select JDBC from the list of data sources.

You will need to have a JDBC connection string like:

jdbc:<driver type>:<host>:<port>

You can also supply different connection properties that driver supports using the query parameters.

Enter the driver class name, user name, password, and click Connect Datasource button:

Executing JDBC queries in UI Bakery

Currently, UI Bakery only supports SQL query action step when working with JDBC data sources.

pageSQL query

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