UI Bakery allows you to easily connect to a MariaDB with no need for additional layers (APIs or 3rd-party services).


If your database is hosted behind a Firewall, add the following IP address to the Firewall whitelist:


Go to the Data sources page –> Connect –> Choose MariaDB. Enter your credentials and click Test connection.

If the connection is successful, click Connect Data source. UI Bakery will extract the database structure and store column types. This data will be used to suggest the proper table columns and form field types.


Once you have the connection between UI Bakery and MariaDB, you can access its data, i.e. load and send it back.

  1. Create an Action using one of the following types to access your data:

  2. Configure the Action. Select a proper Table, set filters and other settings or write a SQL query.

  3. Run the Action. Take a look at the Results section to make sure the data is loaded.

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