UI Bakery allows you to easily connect to Salesforce with no need for additional layers like APIs and 3rd-party services. You can connect Salesforce as a standalone data source, or via an HTTP data. source.

Connecting Salesforce as a standalone data source

To connect your Salesforce datasource, follow the below steps:

  • go to the Data sources tab - Connect - choose Salesforce from the list of the data sources

  • set your data source a name and specify the Salesforce URL (not required):

  • click Connect to Salesforce and authorise the access in the Salesforce app. After that, click Test Connection to ensure the connection can be established. Once the test is successful, click Connect Data source.

Connecting Salesforce as an HTTP data source


  1. Create a new connected app in Salesforce:

  • In Lightning Experience, use the App Manager to create connected apps. Сlick New Connected App.

  • In Salesforce Classic, from Setup, select Apps (under Build -> Create). Under Connected Apps, click New.

  1. Enter the name and contact information for the app.

  2. Select Enable OAuth Settings, and enter the callback URL

  3. In the Selected OAuth Scopes section, add all the necessary OAuth scopes. Make sure to include Perform requests on your behalf at any time. Even though Full access is an option, it's important to note that it doesn't grant all the necessary permissions.

5. Save the connected app and make note of the Consumer Key (Client ID) and Consumer Secret (Client Secret).


In UI Bakery, follow these steps to configure the Salesforce data source:

  1. Navigate Data sources - Connect - choose HTTP API from the list.

  2. In Authentication settings, choose OAuth2.

  3. Specify the client ID, client secret, authorization URL and access token URL:

  1. Click Connect to complete the setup.


  • If you encounter an error message when testing the connection, double-check that the callback URL and OAuth scopes are correctly configured in Salesforce.

  • Make sure your Salesforce instance URL ends in

  • Make sure that the correct permissions are granted to the connected app.

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Due to On-Premise version limitations, connection to the Salesforce requires additional setup —Salesforce connection setup.

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