To connect to an SMTP data source, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the data sources section, click Connect and select SMTP from the list.

  2. Give your data source a name and continue to the configuration.

  3. In the Host field, specify your server address. The SMTP server address typically looks like "" or "" E.g. for Gmail, the SMTP server address is usually

  4. Determine the port number: SMTP servers usually listen on port 25. However, some providers may use alternative ports like 587 (submission) or 465 (SMTPS). You need to know the correct port number to establish the connection.

  5. Specify your username (for most of the SMTP providers, it should be your email address), and the password.

Note! Certain SMTP providers employ a multi-factor authentication process, so you might need a unique password exclusively for authenticating your UI Bakery application. Gmail SMTP requires the creation of an app password rather than your regular password.

  1. Click Test connection to ensure the connection can be established. Once the test is successful, click Connect data source to complete the setup.

This is what a Gmail SMTP configuration looks like:

Once the data source is connected, you can send SMTP requests.

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