We will use HTTP API Datasource to connect to Twilio API.

Twilio configuration


Twilio supports HTTP Basic Authentication. For HTTP Basic authentication, you will use your Twilio account SID as your username and your auth token as your password, that you can find in the Twilio console.

If you want to use API keys to authenticate instead of your Twilio account SID and auth token, then use the API key as your username and your API key’s Secret as your password. Learn more about the Twilio authentication in the documentation.

Create HTTP API Datasource

Once you have the credentials, create an HTTP API Datasource and configure it using the following parameters:

  • Authentication settings: Basic Auth;

  • specify your account SID and the auth token or API key and API key secret;

  • click Connect Datasource to complete the setup.


To interact with Twilio API you'll need to use an HTTP Request action step. Learn more about Twilio requests in the documentation.

If you want to send messages while in trial mode, you must first verify your 'To' phone number with Twilio. You can verify your phone number by adding it to your Verified Caller IDs in the console.

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