UI Bakery Database

Hosted Postgres Database

UI Bakery Postgres offers a robust, fully-hosted database solution, leveraging the power and flexibility of PostgreSQL. Designed to streamline database management and integration within UI Bakery applications, this feature empowers developers to create, modify, and interact with databases directly through an intuitive interface.

Key Features

1. Editable Structure

  • Create Tables: Easily design new tables to store data, defining the necessary schema to suit your application's requirements.

  • Modify Columns: Add, remove, or alter columns in your tables to evolve your database schema as your project grows.

  • Primary Keys: Set and modify primary keys, ensuring data integrity and efficient querying.

  • Foreign Keys: Define relationships between different tables with foreign keys, enabling complex data structures and queries.

2. Content Editing

  • Inline Cell Editing: Directly edit data within cells for quick updates and fixes, ensuring a smooth and efficient data management experience.

  • New Row Creation: Insert new rows into your tables effortlessly, expanding your dataset as needed.

  • AI-Generated Rows: Utilize AI capabilities to auto-generate data rows based on existing patterns and structures in your database.

3. Sorting and Filtering

  • Sorting: Organize your data with powerful sorting capabilities. Sort by any column in ascending or descending order to analyze your data effectively.

  • Advanced Filtering: Apply comprehensive filters to your data, enabling precise data retrieval. Create complex filter combinations to drill down into your dataset.


UI Bakery Postgres has a current limitation of 5GB per workspace. Unlike cloud-based solutions, on-premise instances are not subject to size limitations.

On-premise setup

By default, executing the update.sh script automatically adds a new Postgres container without the need for additional configuration. For more complex or custom setups, or to host a standalone Postgres instance, please refer to this guide.

Integration with UI Bakery

UI Bakery Postgres integrates seamlessly into your UI Bakery applications, allowing you to execute various actions like querying and modifying data through SQL. The process of creating an action using UI Bakery Postgres is straightforward and intuitive:

1. Create a New Action

  • Navigate to the relevant part of your UI Bakery application where you want to perform a database operation.

  • Click the Plus button near the new action.

  • In the data source selection step, choose UI Bakery Postgres.

  • Depending on what you want to achieve, select the relevant action type. UI Bakery Postgres supports various action types for different operations:

    • SQL: Write and execute custom SQL queries for complex data retrieval or manipulation.

    • Load Table: Quickly retrieve data from a specific table in your database based on your filters.

    • Load Row: load a single row of data, ideal for detailed views or editing specific records.

    • Create Row: Insert new data into your table.

    • Update Row: Update single or multiple rows in the table.

    • Delete Row: Remove data from your table.

    • Other Postgres-specific operations that cater to your application's needs.

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