Read query params from URL

Pass query parameters and read them from the URL

If you need to pass and read query params from the URL, follow these steps.

Use case: you have a Table, and on row select, you need to be transferred to a Details page of a certain record.

First of all, create a new page for the Details information. Then, create an action that will be navigating you to that page:

  1. Add a new action - Navigate.

  2. Specify Page Path as {{routes.details.url}}

  3. In Query Params, add id as: {{}}

Next, assign the navigation action to the On Row Select trigger:

Now, go to the Details page and add a Detail component to it. To display the data of a selected record from the table:

  1. Add a new action - Load Row.

  2. Add a filter to retrieve a row as Customer Number ={{}}

  3. Click anywhere on the Details component and assign this new action in the Data field.

Now, as you select a certain row in the table, you will be sent to the Details page.

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