Google Sheets connection setup

The on-premise version of UI Bakery needs additional configuration to be able to work with Google Sheets datasource

Google requires using https:// as the scheme of Authorized redirect URI for Production apps.

Also, redirect URI must contain a top private domain and should end with a public top-level domain (such as .com or .org). The only exception is localhost (for testing the connection locally).

If your UI Bakery instance is using a custom domain name — please ensure to put it in the UI_BAKERY_APP_SERVER_NAME variable.

If you don't have a private domain yet (e.g. just deployed your instance on AWS) but want to test the Google Sheets connection — you can use 3rd-party service for testing purposes. Just replace dots with dashes and append "" to your static IP address like

  1. Create a new Google Cloud Console project or choose an existing one

  2. Configure the OAuth Consent Screen with User Type = External and Publishing Status = Production

  3. Go to the API & Services section

  4. Click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and enable Google Sheets API

  5. Click on Create credentials and choose User Data

  6. Select Web Application in the OAuth Client ID section

  7. Add Authorized redirect URI with value https://YOUR_DOMAIN_OR_LOCALHOST/gsheet-oauth-callback (make sure to put the same domain as in the UI_BAKERY_APP_SERVER_NAME variable)

  8. Click Create


  10. Restart your UI Bakery instance with docker compose up -d

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