Azure container instance

To deploy UI Bakery to an Azure container instance, follow these steps:

  1. Login docker to Azure.

docker login azure
  1. Create a docker context.

docker context create aci uibakery
  1. Use new context.

docker context use uibakery
  1. Clone ui bakery self-hosted repository.

git clone && cd self-hosted
  1. UI Bakery requires db to persist its data. So it's necessary to create one. We suggest you use Azure Database for MySQL.

  2. Set UI_BAKERY_LICENSE_KEY variable in docker-compose-azure-container-instances.yml for bakery-back service.

  1. Set UI_BAKERY_DB_* variables in docker-compose-azure-container-instances.yml for bakery-back service.

  1. Up the Azure container instance.

docker compose -f docker-compose-azure-container-instances.yml up
  1. Find the assigned IP address. Run docker ps and in column PORTS you'll find the assigned IP address.

  2. Replace all occurrences of UI_BAKERY_APP_SERVER_NAME with the IP address retrieved in the previous step.

  1. Restart the instance to apply the new configuration.

docker compose -f docker-compose-azure-container-instances.yml up

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