Azure Virtual Machine

To deploy UI Bakery to an Azure virtual machine, follow these steps:

  1. Open Azure Portal and in the search field at the top type in Virtual machines and select this item in the result search window.

  2. Click on the + Create button in the top left corner and select Azure Virtual machine in the menu.

  3. Select an image of Ubuntu 18.04 or higher.

  4. For the instance size, select the minimum Standard_F2s_v2 - 2 vCPUs, 4 GiB memory.

  5. In the Administrator account section in the Authentication type menu item, select SSH public key, and it will generate the keys after VM creation.

  6. In Inbound port rules leave SSH(22) as by default.

  7. In the Networking tab, select existing or create a new Virtual Network and Subnet used by this VM.

  8. In NIC network security group select Advanced.

  9. In Configure network security group click Create new.

  10. Click + Add an inbound rule.

  11. Add {BakeryPort} (use 3030 by default, you will need to select the same port during UI Bakery installation later) in the Destination port ranges.

  12. In Protocol Choose TCP.

  13. Click Add.

  14. Check that SSH (TCP/22) is configured by default. If not, add it manually using the same algorithm as for {BakeryPort}.

  15. Click Ok to finish creating a Network security group.

  16. Click Review + create.

  17. Click Create.

  18. After creating and running the virtual machine, connect to it from outside using SSH protocol.

  19. Run this command preferably from the /home Linux directory to download, install and launch UI Bakery:

    curl -k -L -o && bash ./
  20. Upon request, enter the previously received license code, hosting URL - Azure Virtual Machine IP address, and port ({BakeryPort} which you selected in the earlier steps 3030 by default).

  21. After the installation is completed and launched, enter the bakery from a browser on your local machine at http://{Public IP address Azure VM}:{BakeryPort}.

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