Load & display data

Create an Action to begin data loading.
Select an appropriate step to load your data. If you work with a database or Google Sheets, select Load table or SQL query. If you work with an HTTP API, select HTTP request.
After that, select a Data source, choose the needed table, or enter an API URL path. It will be added to the URL you’ve specified in the HTTP data source settings. Click Run action.
In case of success, you’ll see your data under the Result tab of your Action step. Errors (if any) will appear in the Logs.
Now, we can display the data in a Table. Drag-and-drop a Table component from the components panel to the working area.
Check the Data property of a table. It must have the created action already set.
The Table will be preconfigured: it will include all the columns as per the result of your action. The column types will also be configured by default to reduce unnecessary work.

Create standard CRUD components with Generator

To save time, you can use a Generator to create standard components with an already predefined structure and actions. See details below: