Deploy and share applications

Deploying an app

To deploy your app, click the Release button. Give your release a name and assign a version. If necessary, you can leave a description of the changes, etc. You can deploy to both staging and production environments, or start with staging for testing purposes and deploy to production after successful testing. Click Publish release to publish your application.

You can also create a Draft release. To do that, uncheck the environments:

Sharing an app

By default, your applications are private. The access to your apps is managed based on the user's role. Once you deploy an app, you can get a sharable link to the staging/ production environment, that you can send to your workspace members:

When required, you can also make your application public.

Public apps are available on a Business plan + the old Team plan.

To make the application public, open the app's settings and switch the Public toggle.

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