Customer Orders Tracking Dashboard on top of MySQL

In this tutorial, you will build a complex dashboard for tracking customers, their orders, shipment status, and payment information, on top of MySQL data.

Level: Beginner/ Medium 🤓

What we’ll cover:

  • Connecting My SQL database as a data source

  • Loading data from multiple MySQL tables

  • Displaying and managing your data

  • Adding entry forms and visualization metrics for data analysis

What we'll do:

  • Connect your MySQL database to UI Bakery;

  • Load data from MySQL and display it in Tables and other components (Form, Details, etc.);

  • Add visualization metrics for data analysis;

  • Link Table to Details components;

  • Add a page with aggregated data about a certain Customer.

We assume that you already have a MySQL database and an active UI Bakery account. Also, we’d recommend you to get familiar with UI Bakery basics prior to starting.

Please note that we will build a multi-page application, so it’s vital that you follow the steps successively.


The preliminary step in building your application is creating an app. Once logged in to UI Bakery, you will be redirected to your dashboard where all your apps are stored. To start a new app:

  • Click Create a new app

  • Give it a meaningful name

  • On the templates page, select the blank template

  • You can now proceed to the Builder

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