III. Adding statistical metrics

Add statistical metrics for a quick and visual data analysis
We’ll add a couple of statistical metrics for additional data visualization. Here's what we're going to obtain:
First, we’ll add a metric that displays the number of Customers per Country:
  1. 1.
    Find a Metric component and put it on the canvas.
  2. 2.
    In the Data field, assign the loadCustomers action by referencing it as {{}}.
  3. 3.
    Rename the Metric into Customers per Country.
  4. 4.
    Set up the metric fields: Customer name is a leading metric, grouped by the Count. Additional field can be removed. The metric should be grouped by Country’s value.
Configuring Customers per Country metric
As a next metric, we’ll add the one that shows Credit Limit by Customer.
  1. 1.
    Place another Metric on canvas and assign loadCustomers action to it by referencing it as {{}}
  2. 2.
    Rename the metric into Credit Limit by Customer.
  3. 3.
    Next, configure the metric fields: select Сredit Limit, averaged. It should be grouped by customer name value
Configuring Metric Credit Limit by Customer
Great! You have added some statistical metrics. Next up, we’ll add a Form to add new Customer records and send them to the data source.