VI. Adding visualization metrics

To complete the Customers page, we will add some visualization metrics.

Let’s add a Pie Chart to display the Orders of the Customer grouped by their status:

  1. Drag a Chart onto the canvas

  2. Change its type to Pie chart

  3. In the Data field, assign the action {{}}

  4. On the Series section, specify Status in the X-axis, grouped by Value. For Y-axis, specify orderNumber, grouped by Count.

Next, we'll add a Metric showing the total amount of payments made by a Customer.

  1. Add a Metric to the working area.

  2. Add a new Action - Load Table. Specify Payments table as a resource for the Action

  3. Configure selected record fields as Customer Number ={{}}

  4. In the Data field, assign the Action {{ }}

  5. Set a name to the Metric - Payments, total

  6. Configure the Metric: the main field is Amount, grouped by Sum. An additional field is not required and can be skipped. In the Group by field, set Don't Group.

  7. Check the Metric - you can see the sum of all payments made by a selected Customer.

Great job so far! 😎 You have created a new page to display all the necessary Customer information and added some visualization components. Your dashboard looks awesome! As the last step, you can share it with your colleagues.

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