I. Connecting to data source

Connect your Google Sheet doc to UI Bakery

We will start building by connecting your Google Sheets doc to UI Bakery.

  1. Go to Data sources - Connect - select Google Sheets from the list.

  2. Specify the data source's name and paste the link to the document.

  3. Select Permissions type: Read-Write or Read Only.

  4. Authorize the access by pressing Connect to Google Sheets. You’ll be prompted to the Google Authorization page, where you need to allow UI Bakery access to your Google Sheet. Please do not miss this step as the connection would not be established without it.

  5. Once you’ve authorized the access, click Connect Datasource.

Make sure that your data in Google Sheet is structured, and each column has a name. This will allow UI Bakery to recognize types of columns and data and present them in a correct way.

Now, with the connected data source, let's get down to building the application.

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