Audit logs

Keep track of the changes and errors with audit logs

Audit logs are available on Business and Enterprise plans (+ legacy Team plan)

As your team grows and more teammates use your applications on a daily basis, it's important to keep track of changes that have been made or errors that someone could have received to help them troubleshoot. Here's when audit logs come in handy.

To open audit logs, click on your Organization settings and find the Audit logs section.

Audit logs are available to users with an admin role

Audit logs can be filtered by a certain time period, by a user, an app. You can select certain log level:

  • log;

  • warn;

  • error

The following events are logged:

  • User:

    • Log In;

    • Sign Up;

    • Role change;

    • Invite;

    • Delete;

  • Role:

    • Creation;

    • Update;

    • Delete;

  • App:

    • Creation;

    • Open (failed attempts included);

    • Deploy;

    • Page view;

    • Delete;

  • Datasource:

    • Creation;

    • Update;

    • Delete;

  • Builder:

    • Open;

    • Exit;

    • Version overwrite;

    • Snapshot restore;

  • Action:

    • Success;

    • Error;

    • Request payload (available in the on-premise version);

  • Automation:

    • Success;

    • Error;

In the Enterprise version, you have the ability to log request payloads. This feature enables you to track the data sent to databases and APIs. To activate this feature, set the UI_BAKERY_AUDIT_LOGS_LOG_PAYLOAD variable to true.

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