Release Management

Seamlessly deploy new changes to your users and keep track of the released versions

Draft release

During the building process, you can create draft releases. Draft releases allow you to create versions on a dev environment before introducing some major changes to your application, e.g. switching data sources or bringing new UI, etc.

To create a Draft release, click the Release button and untick all the environments. You will notice the button changing to Draft release. Draft releases are available in the Release history and can be restored.

Deploying an application

As soon as you are ready to share the application with your colleagues, you can deploy it to your production environment. To deploy your app, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Release button.

  2. In the appeared window, add a description for your current release if necessary, select the release type (major, minor, patch), and assign the release version.

  3. Make sure the prod environment is checked. Сlick Publish release.

In the form, you'll get a production link to your application, that can be shared with your teammates.

The deployed version will be available in the Release history.

Restoring a release version

If you need to revert back to the previous production version, you can restore it from the Release history.

  1. Open the Release history and find the release that you want to un-publish.

  2. Click Restore and confirm the change.

  3. The restore operation will also be available in the Release history.

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