AI Assistant

UI Bakery AI Assistant is an AI-based chatbot, that can quickly help you with technical questions and code generation. The Assistant works in 2 modes: documentation mode and code generation mode.

Documentation mode

The AI Assistant is based on UI Bakery documentation. When you ask a technical question, the AI Assistant explores the docs, and based on them, prepares an answer. The Assistant has access to the currently used action context, and based on that, can troubleshoot the action.

If you need the chatbot's assistance in action troubleshooting, click the Debug with AI button in the action's Result section.

The Assistant's answer can be rated with the Like/Dislike buttons. This allows to educate the chatbot in the best possible way. We highly encourage you to use the rating options.

If you notice that the Assistant's reply is not correct, please refer to us in the live chat or via email at

The code generation mode

The code generation mode can help with generating SQL queries or JavaScript code. This is especially useful for the execution of repetitive code, data transformations, or simply handling with the not-so-well-known programming language.

The code gen mode is available for the SQL query and JavaScript code action types. To activate the Assistant, simply click on the chatbot's icon in the code field. Specify the details of the query and hit Enter. The AI Assistant has access to the current action context, which makes it easier for the correct code generation.

Data privacy

The AI Assistant is based on an Open AI GPT model. During the chat or code generation request, Open AI API model may have access to the following user data:

  • The question posed by the user or the code generation request

  • Details about the action currently selected, including its name

  • Information regarding the step presently selected within the action, such as:

    • Step name

    • Action code/SQL

    • Action type

    • Any errors resulting from the action

    • The structure of the result, including the key names and their corresponding types

  • Names of the components and other used variables

  • The payload sent to the data source (including data specified by the user)

  • Structure of selected database tables, including columns

Please be aware that Open AI API does not receive any specific user information or actual data from data sources unless this data is included in the action request payload, which is selected during the chat request.

Activating AI assistant on a self-hosted version

The AI assistant is hidden under a feature flag on a self-hosted version. To activate it on your instance, follow these steps:

  • activate the variables UI_BAKERY_ENABLED_FEATURE_FLAGS=chat and UI_BAKERY_CHAT_API_URL= in the .env file

  • restart your instance docker compose up -d

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