Environment and release strategy

This document outlines the operational details of Automations, focusing on their execution in various environments and the strategies involved in their release.

Default Behavior for Unreleased Automations

Automations that have not been released operate under specific rules depending on the mode of execution:

  • CRON Execution:

    • When executed as a CRON job, Automations utilize the most recent version of the automation project.

    • Data sources employed in these automations are executed using the DEV (default) environment.

  • Webhook Trigger:

    • If triggered via a webhook without a specified environment, the DEV (default) environment is employed for data sources.

    • The automation runs using the latest project version.

  • Execution in Automations Builder:

    • The latest version of the automation is used.

    • The environment for data sources depends on the selected option in the environment selector. This selector is available only if there are data sources with pre-configured environments.

Released Automations

  • Once automations are released, it is safe to continue their development. The released version of the automation will remain in use for CRON and Webhooks, ensuring stability in the production environment.

  • This approach allows developers to innovate and enhance automations without interruptions or risks to the operational integrity of the current production version.

The following operational rules applied to Automations depending on the mode of execution:

  • CRON Execution:

    • Automations executed via CRON will utilize the latest PROD (production) version of the automation code.

    • If any data sources are connected, the PROD environment will be used for these data sources.

  • Webhook Trigger with Specified Environment:

    • When a webhook trigger includes an environment specification, the automation will use the corresponding released version and data sources as per the specified environment.

    • The Staging environment is applicable and can be specifically used for webhook calls.

  • Execution in Automations Builder:

    • The behavior during execution in the Automations Builder remains consistent with the rules outlined in the previous chapter regarding unreleased automations.

The Staging environment is not available for CRON executions.

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