Interval action

Interval action step is used to execute all successive action steps at a given interval. For instance, you can use it to execute a set of actions every 5 seconds:

  • Add an interval as a first step;

  • Add another step, like Load Table or HTTP Request as a second step;

  • Run the action - you will notice that the second step is executed every 5 sec and the action remains running.

You also may use the "Cancel interval when condition is met" setting to specify at which condition the interval step will stop. For instance, you can use a Toggle component value {{ui.toggle.value}} to stop the interval action step when the toggle is set to true:

return {{ui.toggle.value}};

Additionally, using the "Avoid proceeding to the next interval if the current one remains unfinished" setting, you can make sure that the interval action step will wait for the previous interval to finish before proceeding to the next one. This is useful when you want to make sure that the requests are executed in a specific order, for example, when you want to make sure that the previous request is finished before the next one is executed.

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