File picker

A field for file selection and upload. The field supports different file types, multi-file upload, and can perform required field and maximum size validation. You can choose a direct file upload or upload via a URL.



setValue(value: string/ file/ blob)

sets component value

setDisabled(disabled: boolean)

enables or disables the component


resets the component


sets focus on a component


validates the component


resets the validation


Triggers allow you to launch certain actions upon different events.

On Init

Calls for an action on component initialization, e.g., page refresh

On Change

Calls for an action when a component changes its state

Parsed value

The file picker component has an additional parsedValue property, which allows you to access CSV/JSON file content as an array of objects without uploading it to the server or parsing it separately. Use it as {{ui.filePicker.parsedValue}} in code action steps or directly in other components.

Multi-file upload

To activate the multi-file upload, check the Multiple toggle in the Settings - Validation section:

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