Input (deprecated)

Input serves as a field to enter certain information. Inputs can be used to create custom forms (e.g. a custom login form or a modal to add or update the data, etc.) as well as standalone components. There are several input types in UI Bakery:

  • text

  • number

  • email

  • password

  • currency

  • date and time

  • toggle.



setValue(value: string|number)

sets value

setDisabled(disabled: boolean)

sets input state (enabled/ disabled)


clears the input


sets the focus on input


validates the inputted value and displays errors


resets validation from the input


Triggers allow you to launch certain actions upon different events.

On Init

Calls for an action on component initialization

On Enter

Calls for an action as you click Enter

On Change

Calls for an action as the user is typing anything into an input

Input validation

You can add input fields validation by specifying the required regexp pattern, setting up an error message or specifying the minimal/maximum values for the number fields.

Search table based on the input value

Input can be used as a filter for the table values. Please check this guide:

Search table based on input value

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