Exasol is a high-performant in-memory SQL database designed for analytics. With UI Bakery you can build applications on top of your Exasol database in just a couple of minutes.

Creating Exasol credentials for UI Bakery

When you are on your Exasol databases list page, expand the cluster you want to connect to and click Connect via Tools:

If you are using UI Bakery cloud, enter as the whitelisted IP. For a self-hosted instance, enter the IP of your instance.

Click Next, and skip the next Download driver screen by clicking Next.

On the next screen, click Generate Personal Access Token and store your new Exasol connection credentials:

Connecting to Exasol from UI Bakery

Go to the data sources page, click Connect button, and select Exasol from the list of data sources.

UI Bakery connects to Exasol using JDBC. This means that you will need to create the following JDBC connection string jdbc:exa:<Connection string from credentials>:<Port from credentials>. For instance:


Use the username and password you generated in the Exasol admin console and click Connect Datasource:

Executing Exasol queries in UI Bakery

Currently, UI Bakery only supports SQL query action step when working with Exasol data sources.

pageSQL query

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