UI Bakery allows you to easily connect to a Redis database with no need for additional layers (APIs or 3rd-party services).


If your database is hosted behind a Firewall, add the following IP address to the Firewall whitelist:


Go to the Data sources page – Connect – Choose Redis. Specify your credentials:

  • host;

  • port;

  • password (when your Redis instance is on a protected mode);

  • database number.

Click Test connection to ensure the connection can be established. Once the connection is successful, click Connect Data source to complete the setup.


Once you have the connection between UI Bakery and Redis, you can manage your data. UI Bakery allows executing most of the Redis commands. A command should be sent as an array where the first element is a string representing a Redis command type, and other elements of an array are command arguments. For instance:

['GET', 'key']

It is possible to send multiple commands at once as an array of arrays:

[ ['GET', 'key1'], ['GET', 'key2'] ]

UI Bakery also converts all input non-string command arguments to strings except for undefined and null values (they will be converted to empty strings). That's why if you execute:

['SET', 'number', 42]

and then:

['GET', 'number']

you will get a string "42" as the result. If you want to convert the value back to a number use Number({{data}}) in the result mapper.

For more command examples, please refer to this page:

Redis command

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