Activating features under a feature flag

There are cases when some features developed by the UI Bakery team are in beta and hidden under a feature flag. By request, you can activate these features on your instances by enabling the feature flag variable.

  • in the .env file, add the variable UI_BAKERY_ENABLED_FEATURE_FLAGS=

  • specify the name of the feature received from the UI Bakery team, e.g. UI_BAKERY_ENABLED_FEATURE_FLAGS=chat

  • if the variable is already active, and you would like to add another feature to the list, just add it to the existing one by separating the features with a comma, e.g. UI_BAKERY_ENABLED_FEATURE_FLAGS=chat,themeBuilderEnabled

  • restart the server to ensure the changes are applied:

docker compose down
docker compose up -d

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