Updating on-premise version

Please note that the on-premise version differs from the cloud version and IS NOT updated automatically. Once an update to the on-premise version is available, we will notify you via email.

Updating the version

The update guide is available on Github repository.

On-premise version release notes

You can follow the updates here with the On-prem tag.

Switching to a new on-premise update process

If you are on a 2.25.0 UI Bakery version or lower, please follow the guide below to update to a newer version.
Please note this is a one-time procedure! You need to follow these steps only once to upgrade from any version lower than 2.25.0. If you are on a higher version, please use this guide.
  1. 1.
    Create a backup of ui-bakery-on-premise folder:
cp -R ui-bakery-on-premise ui-bakery-on-gpremise_old
2. Go to ui-bakery-on-premise folder and run:
curl -k -L -o docker-compose.yml <>
3. Comment UI_BAKERY_WORKBENCH_PATH variable by adding # at the beginning of the line in .env file:
nano .env
  • Press control + O to save.
  • Press control + X to exit.
4. Run the next command to rerun containers:
sudo docker-compose build --pull
sudo docker-compose pull
sudo docker-compose up -d
5. Check your UI Bakery instance.