Mobile layout

In UI Bakery, you can select between a desktop and a mobile layout for your applications. By default, a desktop layout is applied to an app.

Changing the application layout

To switch your application to a mobile layout, change the control on top of the builder to a mobile option.

Please note that altering the layout of an application modifies the layout of all its pages.

Supported layouts:

  • desktop: 100% of the available page space.

  • mobile: 400 px.

Configuring components visibility on different layouts

The components can be configured to be visible on a certain layout (e.g. you might not want to include a large table onto a mobile view). To do so, navigate the Responsive setting and select the layout for the component to be visible on:

Please note that the changes with the components performed on either of the layouts will not be applied to the other version. Also, please keep in mind that the components added on a certain layout, by default will not have the same position on another layout, but will be placed at the bottom of the page.

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