API Authentication
Learn how to add API Authentication in UI Bakery
In case your API requires authentication with a certain set of headers or other query params, you can configure and add your HTTP API as a data source so that you do not need to configure these parameters with every request. Also note that parameters configured in the datasource will be merged with the parameters configured in the specific request

Datasource Configuration

Navigate UI Bakery, select Data Sources - Connect - choose HTTP API. Enter your details:
Depending on your authentication schema and if required, provide your API key, then click Connect Datasource
Connecting HTTP API as a data source
You can add any standard type of authentication in UI Bakery:
    basic auth
    bearer schema
    API Key authorization

Bearer Schema

In case of a Bearer schema, go to the Headers tab, select Authorization header, and type in your API Key:
Authorization: Bearer <API KEY>
Bearer schema Authorization

Basic Authentication

To add Basic Authentication, navigate the Basic Auth tab, specify your username and insert your API key into the password field
Adding Basic Authentication

API key authorization via URL

For some authorization types, you need to pass the API key into the URL via Query Params, e.g. in Hubspot


Once you have established the connection between UI Bakery and a required application via API, you can further access and manage the data.
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